Tuesday, January 02, 2024

The Magical Margarita

 The Magical Margarita

"Magical Margarita" is what we named the Margarita recipe that we discovered over 15 years ago. The original recipe evolved into what is now the Magical Margarita. In our opinion, it's the best Margarita we have ever had. Restaurants can't compete with the recipe because they would never make a drink with these ingredients, probably because they would have to charge $20 for the drink (given the rediculous prices they charge for drinks these days).

Here she is...please follow the recipe carefully (no improvising)!

Ingredients you will need:

Pint Glass for serving

Tall Shot Glass (must be a tall, straight shot glass)


Cubed Ice

Fresh limes

Margarita Salt

Jose Quervo Gold Tequila (nothing fancy)

Jose Quervo White Tequila (white for bite)

Roses Lime Juice (nothing but Roses...nothing else will suffice)

Triple Sec

Orange Curacao

First, cut each lime into 6 wedges (first in half, then in thirds)

Fill 1/2 shaker with cubed ice

Squeeze in 2 lime wedges

Add 1 tall shot of Gold Tequila

Add 1/2 tall shot of white tequila

Add 2/3 tall shot of Roses lime juice

Add 2/3 tall shot of Triple Sec

Add a few splashes of Orange Curacao

Shake Well

Wet the outside rim of a Pint Glass with a third lime wedge

Salt the outside of the rim (use a knife to remove any salt from the inside of the rim)

Shake the drink one more time

Pour everything into the Pint glass

Squeeze the third lime wedge on top of the drink and throw it in

Optional: Garnish the rim with a small lime slice (but only if you have plenty of limes)

Serve....and stand back!

Warning: These drinks will knock you on your butt, adhere to the following levels of involvement:

DEFCON 1: Massively enjoyable, reminiscing and laughing will ensue

DEFCON 2: hightened emotions and table-dancing may follow

DEFCON 3: Not for the weak, not recommended, will leave a lasting memory (or not)


And by all means, please, no operation of vehicles or power equipment after having one of these Margaritas.